Vine 2 is Coming in 2018


Jasdeep Kaur, Reporter

Vine 2 is coming in 2018. Vine 2 is the reboot of the most iconic website/app created in the 21st century. Vine was an app that allowed you to post six second videos. It was originally made for creators, but teens slowly took over. Many Viners became famous because of a simple six second clip.

In fact we have a Vine superstar walking the halls in our school. The Viner is junior Matthew Mountain. He gained a lot of attention from the iconic Vine of him drinking a drink and walking only to get hit in the face by a door. So much attention that he gained 32,000 followers. Mountain doesn’t miss the fame, however. He stating “Everyone was annoying. When I hung out with my friends everyone just wanted to make Vines.” Despite this, Mountain stated that he will probably participate in Vine 2.

Vine ended in January 2017 because at the time their owner, Twitter was suffering financially. This move crushed most teenagers. Vine is and was a place for humor and creativity. It helped many people be happy and have a good laugh. As soon as Vine ended, people were infuriated because they weren’t ever going to see their favorite Viners ever again. Many people took to YouTube to mass post Vine compilations.

With the reboot of Vine, people are hoping for more funny six second videos. Vine 2 was announced on Twitter late last year. The app is, possibly, in the process of being made and finalized. The release date hasn’t been made yet. Many people took Twitter to Tweet their excitement.

“I am [excited] but I am really nervous at the same time. Most of the good viners moved to You Tube because it is a better revenue stream. They now have a large following on You Tube and are making money and I am not sure if they will move back to Vine. So I’m not sure that it will be as successful,” stated senior Brennan Herlihy.

In conclusion, Vine 2 is probably going to be the next big thing. Hopefully, creative and humorous people go on the app and make funny and iconic vines once again. After a whole year of waiting, people are finally going to be able to go on the app and enjoy.