Snowmobiling: Let it Rip-but do it Safely

Matthew Mountain, Reporter

During an average winter, Erie gets a lot of snow. It’s what we’re known for. If it was possible, we got even more snow this year, breaking our previous records. This huge amount of snow has sadly limited our options for outdoor activities.

If you’re bored and looking for something fun to do in the snow, snowmobiles offer some outdoor winter fun, no matter how much snow is on the ground. Zipping around on a snowmobile is a very heart-racing and adrenaline rush-giving activity.

During the winter, getting to places in a car can be tricky, but on a snowmobile it is a fun and much easier ride. Snowmobiles are popular around our area, and it is not uncommon to see someone riding one around town. Students at our school participate in riding, as well.

Junior Brandon Dudenhoefer has a 2004 Polaris Indy 500. He got this snowmobile two years ago. “I like riding down by Presque Isle and open fields,” said Brandon.  He stated that he loves riding because it’s fun and helps clear his head.

Ricky Sprester is also another student who enjoys riding sleds. Ricky has a 2004 Ski-doo 600 ho mxz as well as a 2017 ski-doo 800r rev etec 137 freeride. Ricky doesn’t have favorite trails. “I don’t really like trails I like making my own I love the fresh deep powder and I like to hit a few jumps in between,” said Ricky. His favorite part of riding is that it’s a great exercise and you get to view Mother Nature and it lets him clear his head of any problems.

Snowmobiles have been around since 1922 when the first one was invented. They make getting around way easier during the winter and you have a lot more fun doing it too.

Around here some of the best trails to ride are in McKean or out in Waterford or down by Presque Isle. Snowmobiling can be a dangerous sport as they can hit very high speeds. Although this may make for a better time, it is also increasing your risk of injury, so you have to be safe and know what your doing. 

A little message from Ricky and Brandon: “To all riders be safe riding this season and when in doubt throttle it out.” We get a lot of snow in Erie county so you might as well make the best of it and get out there and rip.