New Teacher


Kayla Rautine

Ariana Hanley, GM’s new long-term PE substitute.

Kayla Rautine, Reporter

Have you met Miss Hanley? She is the new PE teacher. As everyone knows Miss. Buffalini got a new job and sadly left GM. But luckily Miss Hanley is here to save the year.

Hanley went to Edinboro University for her teaching degree. She student taught for Mrs. Skelton during first quarter. She liked the programs here while she student taught. “I had a good experience, and I enjoyed my time here,” said Hanley.

Hanley stated that she is most excited to teacher girls’ health and PE. She likes how the sexes are divided in these classes because, “The students are more open to ask questions.” On a personal note, Hanley is the proud mom of an adorable 4 year old son. Welcome, Miss Hanley!