Pleasant Pottery

The Kilted Kiln paint your own pottery studio in Edinboro.

Halle Minner, Reporter

Glaze, pottery, paint brushes, music, laughter, and creativity! For an enjoyable, creative field trip, Mrs. Zona’s newspaper class visited the Kilted Kiln: a privately owned business where people can glaze their own pottery.

The students who went to the Kilted Kiln enjoyed choosing from a collection of 125 pieces to glaze with a wide variety of colors. “I chose to paint a small turtle for my friend’s sweet sixteen,” said sophomore Taylor Church.

Church’s shelled showpiece only cost around five dollars to make, while prices for pieces can cost from around $4 to $80. Of course, depending on how much time and money you’d like to invest, there is a variety of things to chose from.

“Our most popular pieces are a tree, a unicorn, and any kind of mug or plate,” explained owner Pete Willis who personally walked the students through the pottery process and offered them painting tips and tricks.

Senior Kayla Rautine glazed two perfect mugs herself, alongside fellow senior Aaron Wagner, who made an awesome basketball plate with Mrs. Zona.  Both Rautine and Wagner also planned on giving their items to loved ones as gifts.

“Our most popular season is in the summer, but November and December are also pretty busy,” said Willis, a local resident of Edinboro who is enthusiastic about his profession. It makes sense that the busiest season would be in the summer, because that’s when students have their three-month break.

The Kilted Kiln is very open to high school students, even allowing them to take up jobs there. “All high school students get half off of studio fees (which normally run $4 for students and $6 for adults) Monday through Friday,” Willis mentioned.

“It was a great experience, and it’s really peaceful. Also, there are a lot of pieces to chose from,” said Rautine. “I would definitely recommend going there.”