Smrekar Brings Home the Gold

Smrekar fondly converses with Colton Morosky, who nominated him for the Golden Apple Award.

Kayla Rautine, Reporter

You can’t eat this apple but it sure does taste great! On March 7, our very own Mr. Smrekar won the Golden Apple award.

But what is the Golden Apple award? It is an award sponsored by Jet 24 and Edinboro University this is given to outstanding teachers that have made a difference in the local area. Teachers must be recommended by a student for the award. The recommendation process includes a 250 word essay on why the teacher deserves the Golden Apple Award. Golden Apple recipients should be looked up to by students and peers and be extraordinary at what the do.

Mr. Smreker was recommended by Colton Morosky, a GM graduate. “Due to my medical and intellectual disabilities, I was unable to partake in a lot of regular classes, but Mr. Smrekar always welcomed me into his class. Even better, he came to check on me daily, especially when I was unable to participate in his class,” wrote Morosky in his essay. “He just had this neat way to help me fit in, while showing other kids how to relax and treat me like everyone else,” Morosky continued.

The Golden Apple was presented to Smrekar in front of his PE 9 Co-ed class. On hand were Morosky, Lou Baxter, the news director at Jet 24, Dr. H. Fred Walker, the president of Edinboro University, Dr. Mary Jo. Melvin, the chair of Edinboro’s education department and members of our school administration. Smrekar was surprised when the group crashed his class to present him the award. “My wife will be so happy!” he exclaimed.

Smrekar remained humble despite being singled out with this recognition. “It’s a nice honor, but there are a lot of teachers that deserve it as much or more than I do,” he stated.

Smrekar has been teaching at GM for 32 years. Over the years he has also coached baseball, basketball, and fast-pitch softball both at GM and in the community. He also has run the after school rec-bowling league for almost 20 years. “It is nice to teach when the students like being there.” Smrekar loves teaching at GM because, “ The kids are great, the people I work with are great, and the administration are great and treat me well.”

The award presentation was broadcast yesterday, March 21, on WJET and can be accessed on their website. We here at GM are very proud to call Mr. Smrekar a Lancer!