Poll of the Day 4/9/18: Ray-men or Raw-men?


Our very own Adam Conn stated, “It’s Ray-men.”

We all love Ramen Noodles.  But how do you pronounce “Ramen?” Are you camp Ray-men or camp Raw-men? (We’ll save chicken or beef for a later poll…)

Makayla Jay, sophmore, said Raw-men.

Mr. Thompson, said both.

Mrs. Morosky said Raymen.

Mr. Reed’s 4the period class said Ray-men.

Mrs. Bremner said Ray-men.

Owen Wright, senior, said Ray-men.

Nasir Singleton, senior, said Raw-men.

Cayden Connolly, senior, said Ray-men.

Katelyn Crum, sophmore, said Raw-men.

Mr. Graham said Ray-men.

Ben Lipinski, sophmore, said Raw-men.

Carter Willis, sophmore, said Raw-men.

Logan Mitchell, sophmore, said Raw-men.

Mr. Kennerknecht said Ray-men.

Enrique Cornejo, senior, said Ray-men.

Jesse Nathenson, senior, said Ray-men.