Poll of the Day 4/11/18: String Cheese Incident


“You take it, and you peel it,” instructs senior Brennan Herlihey on how to eat string cheese.

The deep thinkers here at the Lancer Ledger were wondering, how do you eat your string cheese?

Mrs. Thompson  said she bites it then peels it.

Maddy Knapp, freshman, said bites it.

Eliza Kinestin, freshman,  said bites it.

Nasir Singleton, senior, said he peels it.

Mrs. Fritchman said she doesn’t eat it, it’s disgusting.

Brennan Herlihey, senior, said take it and you peel it.

Henry O’Neil, senior, said bites and pull.

Mrs. Blount said she likes to pull it in strings or bites it. Sometimes she even likes to dip it in things like BBQ sauce.3