Poll of the Day 4/12/18: McKean or Edinboro?


Ellec Scouten, Kelsey Dippel, and Hanna Swanson.

Things are about to get real with this question.  We aren’t trying to start turf wars, and we won’t elaborate on the basis for your choice.  Just pick one: McKean or Edinboro?

Andrew Brest, junior, said, “Edinboro. McKean has a blinker but Edinboro has Walmart.”

Andrew Brest

Aimee Campbell, junior, said, “Edinboro.”

Kyle Bloomquist, junior, said “Edinboro.”

Ellec Scouten, senior, said, “All my friends are from Edinboro.”

Kelsey Dippel, senior, said, “Edinboro has the bagel shop and Flip.”

Hannah Swanson, senior, said “McKean is closer to Millcreek.”

Ellec Scouten, Kelsey Dippel, and Hanna Swanson.

Jaymee  Kavelish, junior, said, “I live in Edinboro but went to elementary school in McKean, so McKean.”

Dana Pierce, senior, said, “I don’t care I’m not from here.”

Ashley Burhenn, junior, said, “Edinboro.”

Ashley Burhenn