4/19 Poll of the Day: Cats or Dogs?


Josh Cambell prefers cats to dogs.

Mrs. Zona’s sophomore Advisory was polled on whether the pet of choice would be cats, dogs, or both.  Here are the results:

Claire Baillie: “Both.  I like both because I love my dogs but cats are so…soft.”

Keaton Bryson: “Dogs because they are soft and they play with me.”

Clayton Banister: “Dogs, they snuggle.”

Claire Baillie, Keaton Bryson, and Clayton Banister are reading about pigs, but loving dogs.

Josh Campbell: “Cats because they are self-dependent.”

Alyvia Carmosino: “Dogs.”

Isabella Beason: “Cats, I’m allergic to dogs.”

Corey Carolus: “Cats. Dogs are annoying.”

Hayley Bannister: “Dogs, obviously.”

Aaliyah Burgos: “Dogs.”

Andrew Brendlinger:  “Dogs are better.”

Devyn Bayle: “Dogs are always better.”

Brady Andryc: “I like dogs.”

Patrick Angelo: “Dogs.”

Brady Andryc and Patrick Angelo showing love for each other and dogs.

Matt Berquist: “Dogs.”