Inside Scoop on Summer Salary


A table of categories of interest regarding popular local jobs

Faith Morrow, Reporter

    There’s nothing like J’s sundaes on a sunny afternoon or riding Thunder River at Waldameer with friends, but how much do you really know about popular local places when it comes to summer jobs?

    Places like WLD Ranch, located in Girard, get busy around this time of year with teen employees. Jacki Strick, sophomore, says WLD positions like kitchen staff, horsemanship instructor, or counselor in training are good for “someone who doesn’t want a lot of pay and enjoys working with kids.” She works closely with the horses and has lots of fun with friendly co-workers.

         Nick’s Place, located in Edinboro, is a prime place of employment for teens interested in serving. Bussing tables, making coffee, serving drinks and meals, and cleaning up for events (mostly weddings) are tasks that Nick’s servers do. Ricque Greer, former employee, recommends it for “anyone looking for a first job” with minimum wage.

          J’s Mainstreet and Charlie’s Pub both offer good positions involved in preparing food. Katelyn Crum, sophomore, describes J’s as a job for an “active person” who can work under pressure when it’s busy. Likewise, senior Mark Fisher says Charlie’s is good for someone with no prior food experience, however, weekends can get very busy. Fisher enjoys Charlie’s mic nights and eating food orders he messes up but says the kitchen gets very hot. Crum also commented on how J’s becomes very heated inside and can be crowded at times.

         If being scheduled a lot isn’t a problem, Waldameer may be a good fit. Emily Blount, junior, recommends it as a “first job just to get experience.” Blount is a retail position at Waldameer. She stated how it paid well and was easy unless customers became upset. The job included ringing people out, sweeping floors, and cleaning shelves.

         Summer is for cookouts, vacations, and beach time, but making a couple bucks isn’t a bad way to spend summer too. Look into these local places for a chance at making some cash to stay cool this summer and even make some friends.