Trails of Treats Spreads Love in the Halls of GMHS


The life skills and autistic classes sell cookies for the Autism Walk to students in the halls of the 100 hallway.

Tucker Dunn, Reporter

Did you hear the music in the hallway on April 26? That was the life skills and autistic classes doing their part for Autism Awareness Month. Starting on April 26, the “trail of treats” began selling treats for 50 cents every other Thursday during fourth period.

According to Senior Chloe Sherman who serves as an aide for the class, “The ‘trail of treats’ is a treat cart that travels around the school during fourth period.” The trail of treats is similar to the ice cream truck as music is played as the students go around the halls to draw students out of class.

Sure enough the theme music for the trail of treats as they racked up customers last week. From freshmen to teachers, it seemed as if everyone was on the same page with wanting to please their late afternoon sweet tooth. This event was so popular that they were completely sold out after only making it halfway through the school. The cart raised a lot which will be donated to the Walk for Autism which took place last Saturday at Presque Isle.

The treat cart was so popular they sold out of cookies before hitting all the halls.

The treat cart was the idea of school administration as a way for the life skills and autistic students to work together to gain work and socialization skills and to do something fun for the student body. Family living teacher Mrs. Kurczewski helps the kids make the treats while business teacher Mrs. Bentley helps them to market and sell them. Bentley was pleased to see the support of the teachers and students when the cart rolled through the halls last week.

Leading the pack for handing out the cookies was senior Aaron Wagner. Wags greeted students and teachers as they eagerly lined up to buy their cookies, handing them their sweet treats with a smile. When asked whether he liked baking or selling better, Wags stated “selling.”

Did you miss the cart last Thursday? Well, you still have a chance to donate and get your treat. The students will be doing their trail of treats every other Thursday for the rest of the year. Listen closely for their theme music during fourth period on May 10, where the kids will be selling chocolate-covered goodies.