YSU English Festival


Mary Morosky

Featured in picture, back from left to right: Isabel Shay, Danielle Mitchell, Hannah Maloney, Maddy Bruce, Akayla Lewin, Hannah Wyman, and Koralyn McClune In the front row from left to right is: Debbie Fiscus, Lily Zheng, and Olivia Shay

C. Grace Honeycutt , Reporter

Author talks, impromptu writing, and journalism contests are just some of the things that occur at the Youngstown State University English Festival. On April 18, eleven students from General McLane attended the festival which took place over three days with a total of 3,000 participants. This is the second year that librarian Mrs. Morosky has taken students to the event.

“The English Festival always has best-selling authors and they do presentations that inspire and energize the audience,” Morosky enthusiastically stated about the English Festival.

The speakers at this year’s festival included various authors who provided background information on the books they have written. Laurie Halse Anderson, author of “Wintergirls,” writes about resilience in her books. She spoke about how literature can provide a great sense of support and comfort. Kekla Magoon, author of “X: A Novel,” spoke about writing on social issues, racism, and classism in her books. Finally, Chris Crutcher, author of “Whale Talk,” writes about his own life experiences with children in the foster system.

Junior Danielle Mitchell stated that, “My best memory from the English Festival was Chris Crutcher’s story behind “Whale Talk.” It was a beautiful yet heartbreaking story and it really touched me.”

Many of the GM students who attended the English Festival received recognition and awards for the events they participated including t-shirts, books and monetary prizes. Winners included Mitchell who won second place in the limerick contest, senior Madeline Bruce who received second place in journalism writing, junior Koralyn McClune who won second place in the writing games competition, and junior Debbie Fiscus who received honorable mention in the impromptu writing contest. There were many other competitions including a prose workshop, writing lab, poetry workshop, and a “not-so-trivial” Trivial Pursuit contest.

The English festival is a fun experience for everyone who goes, and Morosky is already looking forward to next year. “All we know so far is that Neal Shusterman will be one of the featured authors. He has won many awards including the National Book Award for ‘Challenger Deep.’”