The Earth is Flat: Prove Me Wrong


Vandals spray painted trees in Asbury Woods Park to spread the flat earth theory.

Adam Conn, Reporter

You’ve grown up all your life under the impression that the earth is round. Well, what if that belief is wrong and it’s actually flat?

Members of the Flat Earth Society hold this belief. According to their website, “The mission of the Flat Earth Society is to promote and initiate discussion of Flat Earth theory.” People have been holding on to the belief that the earth is flat for ages but the participation in the society has fluctuated over the years. The society reopened in October 2009 and the belief of the theory has been gaining momentum due to its spread on the internet and social media. The belief has spread to Erie County, where someone even spray painted “Research Flat Earth” on trees and students in the halls and classrooms of GM are constantly overheard debating the subject. But what is there any science to prove this theory?

The Flat Earth Society mans the guns against oppression of thought and the Globularist lies of a new age. Standing with reason we offer a home to those wayward thinkers that march bravely on with REASON and TRUTH in recognizing the TRUE shape of the Earth – Flat.”

— The Flat Earth Society's Mission

An experiment titled the “Bedford Level Experiment” conducted by Flat-Earther Samuel Birley Rowbotham in the 19th century provides so-called evidence for this belief. Rowbotham had a friend float down a long stretch of a canal in Norfolk. The theory is that if the earth is round, after about 6 miles, Rowbotham shouldn’t be able to see his friend in the boat and the sail on the boat should be about 13 feet under his view. He then got a telescope and looked down the river and could see the boat clear as day.

Another theory is that Antarctica has a 200 foot wall of ice surrounding the outside of the flat earth. That’s how the water from the ocean stays in. It should also be noted that NASA has people guarding the wall so that nobody tries to climb over it and get out of the earth. The only people who have seen the wall are scientists.

One thing flat-earthers point out, is that all of the pictures of the round earth you know of are computer generated. Ask yourself, where are the stars in the pictures? If we can see them from Earth, how come we can’t see them if we’ve been to the moon? That’s another controversial topic when it comes to the flat earth. Have we even been to the moon? Many flat earthers claim that the moon landing is also fake.

Another thing that flat earthers preach, is the speculation relating the rotation of the sun and moon. We’ve all grown up thinking that the earth rotates around the sun, and the moon rotates around the earth. Well, what if that’s wrong and the sun and moon actually rotate around us and the earth is the center of the universe.

To some, these are all convincing pieces of evidence that the earth could be flat. We may never know if it is actually a sphere or if it is flat, but there is very convincing evidence for the flat earth. GM students such as sophomore Ben Howe-Jones hope you change your mind state and join the flat earth revolution.