Mr. GM Pageant Raises $3,000 for Shriner’s Hospital

Kim Prizmic, Reporter

It’s early May, track is now in full swing, baseball is just beginning, and Mr. GM is the talk of the school. Perhaps you know someone who competed for the title of Mr. GM 2018; a boyfriend, a brother, a friend or just someone who was in your class back in middle school. Regardless, if you attended the competition last Friday night, you undoubtedly left with a smile on your face.

Mr. GM is a pageant-style competition run in order to raise funds for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. The competition is organized by the student council.

“It gives the boys an opportunity to showcase their individual personalities,” said Mr. Oathout, teacher and student council adviser.

The funds raised throughout the competition are donated to Shriners Children’s hospital in order to help children suffering from orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families’ ability to pay.
Unfortunately, in recent years it had become increasingly difficult to get guys to sign up for the competition. Last year, Mr. GM 2017 was close to being cancelled due to a lack of contestants. However, this year there was a plethora of young men who were eager to participate in the gender role-reversed pageant. Their efforts raised over $3,000 for Shriners Hospital, with senior Max Patterson earning the most money of the bunch.

The eight contestants faced off in the various categories within the pageant. Disciplines such as an opening dance, a school spirit display, an individual talent, a formalwear section, the most money raised, a question and answer section and lastly, a swimwear section were showcased.

Kimberley Prizmic
Logan Miller, junior, Max Patterson, senior, Jessie Nathanson, senior,Erik Andrzejewski, Junior, Cayden Connolly, senior, Franklin May, senior, Brett Horn, junior and Jeff Priester, senior. Competitors of 2018 Mr GM.

Mr. Haise, Spanish teacher and Mr. GM judge, said, “The guys feel the pressure to do well on stage and that’s what makes it humorous.” Stand-out acts included junior Brett Horn’s performance of “My Humps” and senior Cayden Connolly’s unicycle ride entrance to a wrestling match with his little brother.

Senior Franklin May was one of the contestants for this year’s competition. He stated that, “[I] hope to win by doing something funny, I guess.” Although he did not win the title, May’s swimsuit competition which swung from a Charlie Chaplin-esque splash in a kiddy pool to a sultry routine to Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” delighted the crowd.

At the end of the evening, junior Logan McFadden was announced as Mr. GM 2018 after his impressive display of school spirit, where his emotional shout out to our very own Aaron “Wags” Wagner brought a tear to everyone’s eye. “Wags really embodies GM’s school spirit,” McFadden stated. That shout out along with his enthusiastic “Dad Dancing” and commendable effort in all aspects of the competition, made the title of Mr. GM well deserved.

In a post-win interview, McFadden offered advice to future contestants, “I’d tell future competitors to just have fun. It doesn’t matter who wins, just have fun. It’s for the kids.”