We All Scream For Ice Cream

Emily Blount, Editor

As warm weather is approaching, everyone is looking for the best ice cream to help cool off. We compared different qualities of local ice cream stores. Everyone has their own favorite, but the chart below will help you decide which is the best.

Many people are very stuck in their ways about their favorite ice stores. Sophomore, Derrick Kowalczuk said, “I’ll only eat ice cream if it’s from Whippy Dip.” Junior Aleah Cimino agreed that Whippy Dip was also her favorite.

J’s Main Street and Dairy Supreme were also favorites by students because they are close in location. Sophomore Adam Conn said, “If I had to choose it would be Dairy Supreme because it’s the closest to my house.”

Junior Sarah Scharrer said, “I like J’s better because they put a Swedish fish for a tongue when you get a face.” Make it your summer goal to try them all and decide for yourself!