Prom Memories

Mr. Stauffer dons his crown at the GM Prom.

Photo provided by Mr. Stauffer

Mr. Stauffer dons his crown at the GM Prom.

C. Grace Honeycutt , Reporter

Dinner, dates, and dancing. These are just some of the things students do at prom, but is that what our teachers did at theirs?

Nowadays promposals are very popular among couples and even friends who want a cute way to ask someone to prom. This is a foreign concept to many teachers, but P.E. teacher Miss Hanley, who went to Saegertown High School, partook in the fun.

“My junior year I proposed to my boyfriend while on vacation in Florida, and my senior year he asked me to go to prom with him with an ice cream cake,” she said.

Typically students spend a lot of time searching and getting reservations at sit-down restaurants before they go to prom. Spanish teacher Mr. Haise said that before his senior prom at McDowell High School, he and his group of friends planned to go out for a nice dinner, but not everyone wanted the typical fancy prom night meal.

“We all met up and went to a restaurant and everyone got chicken fingers besides me and my date. We got steak and a fancy salad, and my date stole my steak,” said Haise.

Provided by Mr. Haise
Mr. Haise and his date at the McDowell prom.

Around here, prom is a dance, and if students want more elaborate plans, they have to figure them out for themselves. French teacher, Ms. Fritchman said that at her school, Farrell High School, prom was more than just a dance.

“Before prom we had a grand march and they closed the street for two miles and announced our name as we came by. [They also] gave us dinner. You had to make reservations and pick your seat before hand,” Fritchman recalled.

Once prom starts, many people head for the dance floor. People usually dance in their own groups or with their dates, but sometimes, there are kids who stray from the norm. Some kids might coordinate a mob dance or form a dance circle.

“There was group of four senior boys who performed at the prom. They based themselves after Boyz II Men and sang one of their songs,” said Mr. Delsandro about his prom at McDowell.

You can’t have prom without the Prom Court and crowning of the King and Queen. Our own history teacher Mr. Stauffer was the 2007 Prom King at GM, and his Prom Queen was English teacher Mr. Schulz’s sister.

About being crowned Prom King, Stauffer said “It was probably the most memorable part of high school for me.”