Student Council: New Year, New Leadership

Sam Herberg, Reporter

From planning school events, to making pep rallies fun for everyone, the student council is busy trying to make this school year memorable. The student council is a group of students who got elected by their peers to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities.

   The first big event that they are planning is homecoming. Between the homecoming dance and the pep rally before the big game, student council has their hands full with planning these activities. “We want to be more organized and efficient this year with planning”, stated Tyler Herberg, treasurer, when asked their goals for this year.

This year the student council also wants to help encourage kids to be more active in supporting various sports teams such as going to different sporting events and showing support. Student Council President Aida Shadeck stated, “We want to improve school spirit and to get more kids involved in watching different sporting events, aside from just football games.”

  Overall, the student council is looking forward to making this year great and enjoyable for everyone. Although this years officers were already elected, they elect new officers each year, giving people a chance to be on the council.

The student council welcomes anyone to come join and try to be a class officer. It is a great way to become more vocal and to work on leadership skills. The club is advised by Mr. Haise and Ms. Fritchman and their meetings occur two times a month on Wednesday mornings before school.


2018 Student Council & Class Officers:

Student Council

President- Aida Shadeck

Vice President- Olivia Green

Secretary- Glory Linebach

Treasurer- Tyler Herberg


         Class of 2019                                              Class of 2020

President- Olivia Green                       President-Jayda Plonski

Vice President- Ethan Greenleaf       Vice President- Amy Patterson

Secretary- Hannah Dailey                   Secretary- Christine Patterson

Treasurer- Tyler Herberg                    Treasurer- Glory Linebach


          Class of 2021                                               Class of 2022

President- Anna Chernicky                  President- Libby Shadeck

Vice President- Bailey Ward                Vice President- Brooklynn Bowen

Secretary- Aurora Odell                         Secretary- Bianca Fenstermacher

Treasurer- Ben Kalmey                          Treasurer- Aidan Seeman