Top 3 Hip-Hop Albums Of Summer 2018

Drakes Scorpion album got a lot of air time this summer.

Drake’s Scorpion album got a lot of air time this summer.

Kylie Roney, Reporter


    The top three hottest hip-hop albums of summer 2018 came from three well known artists. As of September 15, 2018, Eminem’s “Kamikaze” came in number one on the hip-hop albums Billboard 200 followed by “Astroworld” by Travis Scott.  Ranking number three was Drake’s “Scorpion.”

    Eminem’s dropped the “Kamikaze” album by surprise on August 31. It has 433,000 plays  and has attracted many older listeners because of his high fame in the 90’s who still have a love for Em and a great appreciation his music. “Kamikaze” features one dis track after another as Eminem goes after everyone he has had beefs with in the industry and beyond. This is Eminem’s tenth studio album and it follows the 2017 flop “Revival.”

“I think [Eminem] did a good job after his ‘Revival’ album because ‘Revival’ was terribleness,” state junior Jack Mennow. Many people agree with Mennow and enjoyed this album but others thought it was another dud.
          After Eminem’s “Kamikaze” on the Billboard 200 came “Astroworld” from Travis Scott. When the “Astroworld” album dropped on August 3, it became number one on the charts for two weeks until it got bumped to number two by Eminem. Young listeners were attracted to this album. “Astroworld” has created lots of hype considering it is Travis Scott’s fourth album. With songs like “Sicko Mode,” “Astroworld,” so far, has a total of 205,000 plays world wide and has been making it big in the charts. “The album was overhyped but some songs were good,” stated freshman Arionna Wellington.
        When Drake dropped “Scorpion” most people favored the song “In My Feelings.” The song became the hottest song on Billboard’s hot 100 and sparked the #InMyFeelingsChallenge craze which had almost everyone posting their lip dub dances to the song on social media. “Scorpion” also gained a lot of attention for the song “March 14th” in which he states that he has a son.

The album has 25 songs with an A & B side and runs 90 minutes long. It is also Drake’s fifth proper studio album and happens to be the longest of them all. Drake made this album half R&B and half rap which was viewed freshman Camille Andrzejewski felt was “different but good.” Freshman Hayden Benoit felt otherwise, stating, “I didn’t like any of the songs except one and as soon as I started liking it, it became too overplayed.”