The Wall That Heals

By. Emily Blount & Jordyn Mangoni


Students visit the Vietnam Moving Wall which came to Meadville on Sept. 21.

Jordyn Mangoni and Emily Blount

On Friday, September 21, 300 juniors and seniors boarded eight busses to visit the Vietnam Moving Wall in Meadville, Pa. The trip was initiated by a group of teachers who have been self tasked with increasing patriotism in the student body.

  The Vietnam Moving Wall is a half-size wall, replicating the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington D.C. It has been travelling the country for more than thirty years to share the positive experience of the DC memorial with those who are unable to travel to see it. The wall was brought to Meadville by the Veterans of the Vietnam War Jack Greer Memorial Post 52. The Wall was only display for a period of five days, and it was last in Meadville 20 years ago.

  The wall has the names of 58,267 Vietnam War veterans who lost their lives as a result of the war.  The names are listed in chronological order of casualty.  Interestingly, the wall contains the names of 22 sets of brothers and eight women who were nurses during the war.  At the wall, you could see flowers and tributes left to honor the fallen.

  Students and teachers enjoyed the trip, saying it was a success. History teacher Mr. Wible, said “It was amazing, [a] great opportunity for kids to see[the wall].” Mr.Vath, a veteran, agreed, commenting, “The students were amazing. [They] showed a lot of respect.”

  Wible and Vath, along with Mr. Woodward, Mr. Hager, Mr. Schulz, Mr. Stauffer, and Mr. Knight are member of the Patriotism initiative at GM that made the arrangements for the trip.  And many of our students are glad they did, as they were moved by the expeirence.

  “Seeing all the names put it into perspective of how many people died,” stated senior Kyle Bloomquist.  Junior Rachel Lesko added, “Seeing the amount of names on the wall is really just a concept that the human mind can’t grasp.”