Seniors Welcome Freshmen Siblings, or Do They?

Rachel Lesko, Reporter

    The school year has only just begun and the incoming freshmen are starting to settle into the high school life. Who better to adjust with than their very own senior sibling that’s already been through it all?

When they need advice or someone to look up to they can ask their older sibling. These kids are definitely much more comfortable and will adapt easier knowing that someone has their back in the upper class. Other freshmen may not be as comfortable in the new environment. Whether the freshmen choose to accept their sibling’s wisdom or not is completely up to them.


Hayden Benoit, freshman, and his brother Ethan, senior, are caught in a brief moment of affection.

  After interviewing two sets of siblings, the relationships became a little more clear. Ethan Benoit, senior, and his brother Hayden, freshman, didn’t seem too fond of sharing a school. Although Ethan admits to beating Hayden up and that he embarrasses him all the time, he still offered some great advice to get him through the next four years. Ethan’s wisdom was “Don’t screw around because it’ll come back and bite you.”

Hayden has definitely taken this advice into consideration. Even though they don’t get along all the time, Ethan admitted that if Hayden got into a fight with one of his friends he would take his brother’s side without a doubt.

    Of course, Hayden concedes that he ignores his brother in the halls and does not enjoy having newspaper class with him, but he has still learned a lot from his big brother. Hayden says that he has learned not fight in school, unlike his older brother.    


Rachel Lesko
Jenna Kulka bears the weight of her big brother, Ryan.

The Kulka’s on the other hand are a lot more friendly towards each other. Ryan Kulka, senior, was disappointed to have no classes with his sister Jenna Kulka, freshman. Ryan recommended that in order to get through high school Jenna must do her homework and fulfill the what should be every student’s top priority– to make friends with Tito. If she were to ever get into a fight with one of Ryan’s friends, he conveyed that family would always come first.

     Jenna was asked how Ryan’s reputation affected her, and she made it clear that she doesn’t mind being recognized by her last name, but that she would also like to make a reputation of her own. She was confident that her big brother would stand up for her in any conflict she ended up in since she is his one and only little sister.

     Although having siblings can be either a blessing or a curse, when it comes down to it, these freshman-senior duos will always be there for each when push comes to shove.