The Red Sea Floods the Student Section

Sam Herberg, Reporter

   From flooding the stands, to backflipping at every game, the Red Sea never disappoints. The Red Sea, also known as the student section, has grown in numbers over the years. It has become so large that it seems to be one of the biggest assets of friday night lights.

   “The Red Sea really gets the football players pumped up and the crowd on their feet,” replied senior, Tyler Herberg, when asked what he thought about the Red Sea.   

   Not only does the Red Sea provide support for the team, but they also provide the players with motivation to try hard and do well. Overall, the Red Sea “makes the environment of the games more fun and makes the game seem like it’s more important,” stated senior, Seth Myers, a basketball player who helps manage the Red Sea Twitter account in his off season.  

   The Read Sea’s Twitter account has updates of themes for the game, sports score updates, and many highlights of games and outstanding player shoutouts. With the homecoming game coming up, the Red Sea is going to be a key part in the celebration of the game.