A Life in the Wrong Body -An LGBTQA Poem


Kya Alvarado, Reporter

It felt wrong,

Like a sad song.

She is one way,

But that isn’t what’s needed to portray.

Felt the same,

All this time.

God is not to blame,

Nor is transgender a crime.


Can’t change it to her desired.

Whoever hired,

Mother threatened to sue,

And father angered, all for one reason.

They have no idea how she feels.

Though, she is trans through and through.


All she wanted to do,

Simple indeed,

Was cut her hair,

So she could be freed.

Freed of the body that is a prison.

Freed of the lie that diverts others of how the heart feels,

And oh, how her soul yearns for a sense of belonging.

A haircut that would display personality,

And offer stable sanity.


But hair is just hair.

Someone could be, will be happier with it,

Rather than one being stuck,

Chained to it.l

If only she could cut it, fair as fair.

The struggle of a trans female to male,

And even similar to many others, hidden in this school.

Just like rest of the lgbtqa+.

Please, oh please, just help them stay their strongest,

There is nothing wrong with being this way.