Edinboro Potterfest


Edinboro Potterfest

Billy Jukes, Reporter

Butter beer, quidditch, and wands. Potterfest is annual event held at Edinboro University. Every year, Dr. Corbin Fowler, a professor at the university, helps to organize the convention about the “Harry Potter” series. His Freshman Year Exerience class learns all about “Harry Potter.” The wizarding fun is open to the public and students at the university, and is held all throughout the campus and downtown Edinboro. The whimiscal, wizarding wonderland went on through Sept. 15-23.

  Each day, there were new events and activities that had a different theme from the Harry Potter series.  Everyday during the event at the Wooden Nickel Buffalo farm, they had a fun corn maze, and Flip Cafe offered butterbeer and other foods featured in the series. Earthshine held a scavenger hunt contest that continued through the week. Dr. Heather Baron, a professor at Edinboro, said “[Potterfest] is amazing, there are so many activities and it is great family fun.”

  The event even had a featured guest speaker. On Sept. 17, Dr. Beth Sutton-Ramspeck, an associate professor of english literature at Ohio State University-Lima, spoke about breaking the rules and her new book, Mischief Managed: Rule Breaking in the Harry Potter Series.

  On Sept. 22, they had a quidditch tournament on campus. Quidditch is a famous sport played in the series. Quidditch is as popular in the series as soccer is around the world. In the stories, they even have a Quidditch World Cup. Since obiviously humans cannot fly, quidditch is played on the ground and participants hold a broomstick between their legs. The rules are the same as those in the books. There are three hoops that the chasers hope to put the ball through which are each worth 10 points. However, to end the game the seeker much catch the golden snitch which is a  tennis ball in a sock tied around a person dressed in yellow’s waist. The snitch is worth 30 points and whoever has the most points after the snitch is caught has won the game.

  Students at GMHS have attended potterfest in the past. Junior, Ben Howe Jones said “[Potterfest] is a great tradition the university has and it’s the best even in Northwest PA.” Ben gave the butterbeer a 10/10. “Quidditch is a fun game and I want to play next year,” junior, Logan Mitchell said. The students here enjoy the event just as much as students at the Boro.

  If you’re a “Harry Potter” fan, or just looking for some fun, Potterfest is a great opportunity in town that you should check out next year!