ALICE: Active Shooter Training

ALICE: Active Shooter Training

Khadija Mganga, Reporter

  In today’s uncertain world, General McLane School District has implemented ALICE training to prepare students and teachers how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. ALICE is an acronym that stands for Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate. According to the ALICE Training website, the training helps students and teachers feel more safe about the environment and more safe when a shooter is in the building.     

 The district’s teachers were trained on ALICE on their first in-service day on August 24. Students received training on the approach in each one of their classes on October 3.  The training taught students that in the event of an incident they are empowered to choose how to react based upon the threat. In some circumstances the traditional lockdown approach may be the best option while in others, evacuation would be preferred.  This training also gave students and teachers the opportunity to have open discussions about being alert to threats of violence not just in school but in any situation.

  Officer Montes played a big role in the implementation of the training at GM. He stated that we moved to this training because, “We wanted to get away from traditional lockdown in which statistics show that people going through a critical incident are placed in a very vulnerable position.”  Teachers are also now newly equipped with an app called Navigate Prepared which allows them to alert staff for incidents and account for students using their phones. Montes expressed his pleasure with the app by saying, “The Navigate Prepared app has a variety of functions that are set in place to help students, staff, and visitors.

  A majority of students feel like ALICE training is making our school safer. Senior, Brian Alicia said, “I feel like it’s going to make our school safer because we can pick the appropriate actions,” and senior, Makenzie Goss added, “I feel safer with the drill.”

  Teachers also feel more comfortable since they have been trained on ALICE.  “I never liked the idea of huddling with students,” stated Mr. Hager on our previous approach of solely going on lockdown as a response to an incident.  Mr. Smrekar agreed that the training was worth it. “All the money we are spending on the training is unfortunate, but you need to prepared.