High School Students On Board for Halloween Festivities

Ashley Burhenn, Reporter

Halloween is here, so what are the General McLane students doing to celebrate?

Many students plan to get into the spirit of the holiday by dressing up.  Students will be allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween as part of a spirit week costume contest hosted by Student Council. Junior Derrick Kowalczuk plans to be the animated ninja Naruto.  Junior Rachel Lesko also plans to dress as an animated character– Pickle Rick from the show Rick and Morty. Junior Monica Garde stated, “I’ll probably be an avocado.” While senior Riley Flynn is choosing to keep it simple by being a “suburban white kid.”

   Once school is out Junior Billy Jukes says that he is going trick or treating with his friends, juniors Ben Howe-Jones and Adam Conn. But is it okay for highschool students to go trick or treating?

  “High school students should go trick or treating because its a better alternative than participating in illegal activities,” senior Aida Shadeck said. On the other hand junior Caleb Zajac-Woodie stated, “I think that if you are older than a freshmen you have outgrown Halloween and should save the candy for the little kids.”

   So if they aren’t trick or treating what how are students planning on spending their Halloween night?  

  Junior Keaton Bryson stated, “I’m going to hang with my friends for Halloween.” While senior Vincent Spada said “I’m going to watch a scary movie.” Senior, Kayla Freyermuth added, “I handed out candy with friends last year.”

  Other GM students had less eventful Halloweens. “I did my bio homework last year for Halloween,” Flynn commented. Tanner Daniels, junior, added, “I went to hockey practice.”

   No matter what your plans on Halloween night, don’t forget to wear your Halloween costume for tomorrow’s spirit day!