Fall Festivities


Credits: Study Breaks Magazine

Sam Herberg, Reporter

When nights become longer and the weather gets cooler, you know that autumn has arrived. Fall is a time of lovely colors, pumpkin flavored everything, and festive holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Whether you love carving pumpkins or stuffing your face with turkey on Thanksgiving, fall has something for you.  

    The leaves are already starting to change colors and the cool winds of fall are blowing. Although fall is a short lived season, it is celebrated with many festivals and traditions. Some places that have great fall activities are Port Farms, Mason Farms, and Peek’n Peak. Port Farms is a fun-filled family farm destination that celebrates fall and the holidays. Mason Farms is a Country Market in Erie that hosts Pumpkintown. Both of these places have festivals that celebrate the fall season with many fun and festive activities. Like Port Farms and Mason Farms, Peek’n Peak also celebrates the season of fall with their Fall Fest. The event has a crafts show and a farmers market along with many fun activities.

    A lot of GM students participate in the many different festivals that go on and have their own fall traditions that they do.“Every year me and my mom bake fall desserts together,” said, sophomore, Haley Bloomquist. Sophomore Elena Halmi added, “I have gone to the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm maze every year since seventh grade with my friends.”

    People also enjoy celebrating the scary part of Halloween by going to haunted houses. Since it is now spooky season, many students are going to three of the areas most popular haunted houses: Erie Abyss, Sparrow Pond, and 13 Levels of Fear/Ghost Lake.

  With winter quickly approaching, make sure you get out and celebrate the fantastic season of fall because soon the ground will be covered in snow!