The Right Time to Listen to the Wrong



Nate Jones, Billy Jukes, Jack Mennow, and Eli Buto record a “Wrong Time” podcast.

Seth Myers, Reporter

The Wrong Time Podcast is what is happening now! The podcast is about all that is going on in the sports world and is comprised of hosts juniors Jack Mennow, Billy Jukes, Nate Jones, and senior, Eli Buto. The producer is senior Ryan Kulka and advisor is Mrs. Zona.

    The idea for the podcast was developed in Mrs. Zona’s Cyber Cafe course. The boys would often stray from doing their SAT Prep or Mathematical Statistics classes on Khan Academy to discuss and debate sports.  Zona had approached Buto when he was a sophomore to do a sports broadcast for the newspaper, but he shot her down. When the idea resurfaced about doing a sports show, Mennow and Jones ran with it. Buto and Jukes quickly jumped on board and the idea of a podcast was created.

 The boys quickly got to work writing scripts and sourcing guests by DMing athletes and sports figures using Snapchat and Twitter.  They set up their own Twitter and YouTube page, booked an empty classroom, and borrowed a microphone from Mr. Stuyvesant. They made their first 40 minute podcast on Sept. 25 and uploaded it on YouTube.  They soon enlisted the technology and graphic design savvy of Kulka who made them a logo, and created an iTunes podcast page and webpage. As their producer, Kulka also keeps the crew focused on production and quality.

   Some obstacles the boys have faced are getting high quality equipment on a low budget and the time zone differences and NCAA compliance of guests.  “[Another] big problem we face is getting our producer mad and not being on the same page because he doesn’t have the same class as us. Shout out to Ryan Kulka,” added Jukes.

   The boys have recorded six episodes so far. Featured on some of the episodes are co-hosts of Dirty Sports Podcast and Comedians, Andy Ruther and Joe Praino. Ruther and Praino have been the favorite interview the Wrong Time Boys have done. “It was really cool because they gave us really good advice,” stated Jones.  

  Future guests include an alumni edition featuring  Jaymon Mason, who is now a professional basketball player, former Penn State Football player Drew Astorino, current Maryland football player Brett Kulka and NFL player Blidi Wreh-Wilson.  The boys also plan to have teachers Bobby Stauffer and Brian Schulz on a show as well as athletic director Rob Kennerknecht. In addition to these guests, they are in talks with Cole MacDonald, University of Hawaii quarterback, Journey Brown, Meadville graduate and Penn State running back, and local sports reporter, Tom Reisenweber for future shows.  

   With listeners in Japan, UK, Germany, California, and New York City, the boys plan on taking this project beyond the classroom and are hoping to keep expanding. Buto remarked that his goals for the podcast are to “gain followers and get money.” Jones and Jukes both would agree that their plans are to “keep growing and get paid.”

    The Wrong Time Podcast also has some merchandise on the way. They hope the merch will range from t-shirts, to hats and cups. Regarding merchandise, Jack Mennow said “If you want it. We got it.”

    Check out the boys weekly podcast on iTunes, YouTube, and follow their twitter @_TheWrongTime!