Trump Visits Erie



“President Trump greets his supporters at Erie Insurance Arena.”

Rachel Lesko, Reporter

President Donald Trump visited Erie Insurance Arena at 7 p.m. on Oct. 10, for a rally. As a wave of Make America Great Again hats flowed into the Erie Insurance Arena, the small area soon accumulated a crowd of approximately 9,000 people. By 7 p.m., there was an additional 3,000 people on the lawn waiting for the president to make his appearance on the screen.
Trump urged his supporters to go out on Nov. 6, and vote republican House and Senate. According to the president, if Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are elected to congress they will try to raise our taxes, impose socialism, and destroy American healthcare. Trump’s hopes are for the people of Pennsylvania to elect John Joyce for Congress, Scott Wagner for Governor, Mike Kelly for House, and Lou Barletta for Senate.
Trump labeled Mike Kelly, who was at the rally, as “tough as hell on borders, powerful on trade, and he is really great on jobs.” Kelly has convinced Trump to promise to fix up Presque Isle State Park which needs annual sand replenishment. Kelly also suggested getting dredging done in the channels to prevent light loading which causes the price of imports and exports to be higher.
During the rally, the president also took credit for America’s economic success and claimed our country is booming like never before. He spoke of the unemployment rate falling to the lowest level in 50 years, manufacturing confidence at an historical all time high, coal miners and steelworkers back to work, fake news, and cutting regulations.
A few of our very own General McLane students attended the rally and had positive things to say about their experience. Caleb Zajac-Woodie, junior, stated that it was a “riveting experience” to see our president in the flesh. Devyn Bayle, junior, said that she “felt pretty patriotic,” during her encounter with the president.