Midterm Elections Around the Corner!


Rachel Lesko, Reporter

“Republican, Scott Wagner, for Governor.”
“Democrat, Ron DiNicola, for House.”
“Republican, Lou Barletta, for Senate.”

The midterm elections will be taking place at your local polling station on Nov. 6. Elections are being held for State Senate, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, State House of Representatives, State Governor, and local elected offices. Incumbent, Bob Casey Jr., democrat, and republican, Lou Barletta, will be running against each other for Senate. Incumbent, Mike Kelly, republican, and Ron DiNicola, democrat, oppose each other running for House. Incumbent, Tom Wolf, Democrat, and republican Scott Wagner will compete for Governor.
Midterm elections are held at the two-year midpoint of a presidential election. The federal offices that are up for election in the midterms are members of the United States Congress. This includes all 435 seats in the House and one third of the seats in the Senate. Members of the Senate serve six year staggered terms, therefore not every state is included in every election. In addition, 34 of the 50 states elect their governors to four year terms during the midterm, while Vermont and New Hampshire elect theirs for two-year terms. There are also elections held at the municipal level on the ballots.
These elections typically produce lower turnouts than presidential elections. Usually in these elections the president’s party loses seats in Congress, and frequently encounters the opposing party gaining power.
Mr. Hager, history teacher, stated that, “[The elections] are a good barometer of how people are pleased or supporting or non supporting of what the government is doing since the last major election.” He believes that, “Student should vote because they are a citizen. There are billions on people on the face of the planet that do not have the ability to select their leaders or their form of government that they live under,” therefore every United States citizen should take advantage of their right to vote.
These elections can have an enormous impact on politics. Therefore, as Mr. Hager recommended, it is very important to get out and vote for the party you support. If you have registered on time, then it is important for you to participate as well. The registration deadline was Oct. 9, so if you missed it then you can register to vote at vote.org for the next election.