Dont be trashy, follow recycling guidelines


The new GMHS Recycling guidelines.

Hayden Benoit, Reporter

General Mclane High School has been forced to make changes to their recycling program. The changes are due to rules and fines being imposed by WM if improper materials, including plastic grocery bags and recyclables with food remnants or liquid, are placed in recycling bins. Last April, the school received a $1,000 fine for violating WM’s rules.  GMHS’ new recycling guidelines took effect on Oct. 10.

   The Life Skills and Autistic Support students handle the recycling program at GM.  They have hung up signs or posters on the recycling bin showing what can and cannot be recycled.  Students are expected to follow these easy to use guidelines when throwing away their trash and recycling in classrooms.  

  Things like food waste, plastic bags, and foam cups and containers cannot be thrown away.  Also if a water bottle or a bottle of pop have liquid still in them they are not allowed to be recycled.

  Things that are supposed to be recycled are plastic bottles or containers (without liquid), food & beverage cans and cartons with no remnants, and paper products and broken down cardboard.

 The LSS and the AS students collect the recycling on a weekly basis.  They are going around to the classrooms and checking the recycling bins.  This not only ensures compliance with the new guidelines, it ensures they don’t end up with icky trash on their hands when they are emptying them into the dumpster.

 To help in enforcing these guidelines the students are giving out “tickets” to teachers if their bins contain improper materials.  If a teacher receives three tickets they are not allowed to use the recycling program anymore. Some teachers have already took a hit with a ticket.

 According to WM, 65% of people place non-recyclables in their recycling bins.  If WM finds one piece of trash in recycling they throw the entire bag into the garbage.  

  The LSS and AS students have already seem big improvements with the quality of our recycling bins since the new school guidelines went into place.  It is the hope that students become trained on these guidelines so that we don’t receive fines and help the planet by doing what we can to recycle. Ultimately it will up to the students to comply with the easy to follow guidelines.  If they are unable to do so, it is likely that the we will no longer recycle at GMHS.