Camp Fitch Forever


Derek Fay and Kendra Trezona

    From Dec. 5-7, 28 high school juniors and seniors went to Camp Fitch with the 150 fifth graders as their counselors. The three days were filled with activities that gave the kids lessons about teamwork, the importance of trying new things and having fun while learning. This trip was filled with laughter, some crying, and a lot of Fortnite references.

  During these three days, there were various activities that the campers and counselors participated in together including archery, rock climbing, and pioneer crafts. The campers and counselors learned several skills like how to build a fire and make candles and styrofoam cars. The campers also partook in other activities such as gaga ball, beach hiking, and various evening programs. At the evening programs, everybody played games where they worked on team building while eating snacks.

  For senior Taylor Thomas, Camp Fitch was a very worthwhile experience: “I would describe my time at Camp Fitch as extremely fun yet challenging. You get to connect with the kids though, which really makes the challenge worth it.” Junior Olivia Minner, agrees with

Thomas saying, “It was really fun but very tiring. Overall, 9.5/10 experience.”

 Many counselors would recommend applying to go to Camp Fitch to the upcoming juniors and seniors. “Camp Fitch is always my favorite time of the year. It allows me to take a little break from the stress of school and college to spend some time with some really cool kids and have a lot of fun,” Debbie Fiscus, a senior explained.

  Overall, the experience at Camp Fitch is great for learning and having fun as Junior, Devyn Bayle says, “The kids were wonderful and everything was a blast!”