‘Tis the Season for Giving

A gift for mom

A gift for mom

Lexi Langer, Reporter

       Struggling to find the perfect gift for a special person in your life? Procrastinating to get gifts during the holidays is the worst way to go.  Stores get busier and your selections get smaller as Christmas draws nearer. A few ideas may create a spark of inspiration.

       It is safe to say that all mothers love a gift that comes from the heart… and the head. As you get older and into high school, homemade cards and handprints on paper will get old as well, so it just might be time to find a new gift for your mom.

       “I’m getting my stepmom a pair of slippers and a cookbook,” said senior Isabella Shay. You may want to look into buying her new jewelry, such as a heart necklace (pictured above/below/etc). A trip to Yankee Candle could be beneficial, too, if she likes her house to smell like her favorite scent.

       Card, cologne, and candy. These are the three C’s  you need to remember when buying your dad a gift this year. First, a gift card to the movies could really make his day when he is out with the boys on a Saturday night. A simple bottle of cologne will knock him off his feet, too. You can finally prevent the late-night candy raids as well with a bag of his favorite candy.

       While siblings can be more of a pain than a blessing, a present just might end the year right. “I’m probably getting my younger sister something crafty,” senior Geneva O’Bannon said.

       Some of the most popular toys this year that younger siblings may like are the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster, What Do You Meme? Party Game, and Hatchimals.  If you have a sibling away at college, he or she would surely appreciate any housewarming gifts for their dorm.

       Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be tricky, but a bit of thought could go a long way. A few ideas for boyfriends are hoodies, cologne, and Adidas joggers.  Some of the hottest gifts for girlfriends in 2018 are bath bombs, lotion, and makeup. “I’m going to get my girlfriend a blow dryer and a bunch of other things,” confided junior Billy Jukes.

       What do teachers really want for Christmas? Both Mrs. Zona and Mr. Korb answered with “respect.” While a classic apple for a teacher’s desk may seem like enough, just a tad of appreciation for the rest of the year could exceed their expectations.


Caption: a gift for Mom

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