Bored? Check Out Some Board Games!

Bored? Check Out Some Board Games!

Dylan Mroz, Reporter

Over Christmas break, many students will be spending time with friends and family. A great way to pass time with loved ones is to play board games. Many websites rank Scrabble and Monopoly among the top board games in America. Everyone loves a good competitive board game so we hit the halls to see what games students at our school play.


Sydney Patterson: “Trouble because you get to press the little bubble that makes the dice roll.”


Kendra Trezona: “Candy Land because I used to play with my dad.”


Gus Guzik: “Left Right Center because you can make hella bank playing it if you’re good.”


Derrick Kowalczuk: “Tic Tac Toe because it’s short and simple.”


Brooke Simmons: “Monopoly because it involves a lot of strategies.”


Brennon Songer: “Sorry because you get to be a jerk to your friends and have fun at the same time.”


As you can see many students in our school enjoy a variety of games. If you’re looking for something to do over break getting your friends or family together and playing a game is a great way to pass time.