Stache for Cash


Sarah Banta

Ben Rea smacks a pie in Mr. Gilbert’s face in the name of charity.

Sarah Banta , Reporter

During the week of December 3, GMHS held the annual Stache for Cach fundraiser, which this year benefited a family in need living in our district. Many male staff and even Mrs. Thompson helped to raise money by growing out their beards and mustaches for this good cause.

Through donations from students and staff collected during lunches, $600 was raised. Everyone who made donations received bags of Utz potato chips, who is a corporate sponsor for the fundraiser every year. “100% of the money goes to the family in need,” stated Mr. Wheeler, who organizes the event.
The highlight of the event was the assembly held on the last day of the fundraiser. During the assembly the teachers who raised the most money by having the worst mustache recieved a pie in the face. Mr. Gilbert was the unfortunate teacher to get, not only one but two pies to the face! This took place at the hands of junior Dalanie Coughlin and senior Ben Rea, who won an auction by putting their money together to pay $50 to smack pies in Mr. Gilbert’s face. “[I] felt good for the rest of the day,” statated Rea.

The other teachers who raised money for the event were also recognized including: Mr. Vath, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Basko, Mr. Dalsandro, Mr. Kuftic, Mr. Snair, Mr. Mennow, Mr. Stuyvesant, Officer Montes, and Mr. Treusch. Mr. Wheeler won the coveted Stache for Cash belt, by raising the most money.