Academic Letter


Sarah Banta, Reporter

Are you a student with perfect grades, taking all accelerated classes, and have really good attendance? Then you might want to push yourself even more to earn an academic letter.
All students are capable of getting academic letter. In order to achieve a letter you must earn 10.5 points from the last quarter of one year to the end of the third quarter of the next year, or you must accumulate 8 points in the first three grading periods as a freshman. You earn points through participation in clubs and activities and/or by academic achievement as reflected in their semester grade point average. Hard working students that do this will be rewarded by the school with an academic letter.
Senior Kayley Berger received her first letter in tenth grade and has earned one every year since. She stated, “[I felt] honored to be recognized. [It made me] feel good about myself.”

If you meet these credentials of an academic letter, you will be notified by the high school. The letter will be presented to you at the annual awards banquet. Earning an academic letter looks good on college applications and may give you a better chance of being accepted. If you would like more information on how to obtain an academic letter see Mrs. Chelton in the office.