You’re a Mean One Mr.Grinch


Aaliyah Burgos, Reporter

    From Poem to book to the big screen and back again.  In 1955 The Grinch made his first appearance in the 32 lined poem titled “The Hoobub and The Grinch.” In 1966 Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated the book that started it all: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Sixty-three years later, The Grinch has become the most popular Christmas and winter icon, despite the fact that he hates Christmas.

    The new animated movie “The Grinch” was released on November 9. In the movie, the Grinch has a special hatred for Christmas and even at 53 years old, the Grinch is still annoyed with the Whos of Whoville and their Christmas cheer and wants nothing more than to put an end to their joy. So The Grinch with his trusty dog, Max, make a plan to steal the thing that the Whos love most, Christmas. However, The Grinch ran into many different obstacles along the way, while trying to turn himself into Santa Claus.

     The new animation differs from the other Grinch movies because the Grinch’s heart isn’t affected by the kindness of Cindy Lou Who. Each movie also takes a different perspective on why the Grinch is the way he is. In the book the Grinch’s back story is never touched on and

    Actor Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Grinch in the film, and has big shoes to fill following up the 2000 portrayal by actor and comedian Jim Carrey of the character.  Carrey portrayed the Grinch in a comical but serious way. The jokes that were told throughout the live action movie were meant for viewers to laugh. Meanwhile his growing friendship with Cindy Lou Who was meant to show viewers that Christmas is not materialistic at all, but simply about coming together and enjoying the time spent with one another.  Of course, it is true that seeing the Grinch not portrayed by Jim Carrey may be a little weird, but Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job bringing the character back to life in his eyes.

    “I think [Benedict cumberbatch] did pretty good. You couldn’t really tell the difference. Obviously, if you’ve seen the live action you would know it’s not Jim Carrey, but in the animation [he] acted the same way and the voice didn’t really seem different.” says sophomore Lauryn Roberts.  In the same way, junior Olivia Hodapp said “He did a good job portraying the different emotions that the grinch went through. Like he sounded happy at the happy parts and irritated at the irritated parts.”

Overall, “The Grinch” is a very well produced movie with bright colors, funny characters, and the meaning of Christmas. Between Dr. Seuss, Boris Karloff, Carrey, and now Cumberbatch; the one who hated Christmas will never die!