From Black Friday Greed to Helping Those in Need


Noel Antalek and Kaley Berger make a donation to Student Council’s fundraiser for the Boro Women’s Center.

Maddie McLaughlin, Reporter

   Black Friday. Sales. Commercialization. Unfortunately, these things have caused many of us to lose sight of what the Christmas holiday truly means.  Christmas should be a time for families to gather and be grateful for each other and give back to those that are less fortunate.

    According to ABC News, the average house spends around $700 on christmas presents each year, which amounts to $465 billion dollars. However, there are many American families who can’t afford Christmas gifts at all.  In America alone there are almost 47 million people living below the poverty line today.

Here at GMHS, we have people who are willing to give back.  This year the Caring Club helped make wishes come true for young Maddox Hyde, a boy from Dubois, Pa. who has been fighting terminal Neuroblastoma cancer. Maddox’s last wish is to get as many Christmas cards from around the world that he possibly can for his final Christmas. The club organized a card drive having students in second period classes write notes to the boy.  

       The Key Club is also helping the community by wrapping gifts for families who can’t afford it themselves. They are also making cards for Veterans and delivering them to the VFW to show our appreciation for their service. GM Students for Christ is also holding their annual sock drive, collecting socks through January for local people in need.   

    Not only did Student Council organize many of the high school clubs to have a lobby decorating party; they are also currently collecting personal hygiene items, blankets, and outerwear for Boro Women and Family Services organization in Edinboro.  This charity offers services for pregnant women, provides material and physical needs assistance, counseling services, crisis support and preventive support and education. Items are being collected in third-period classes with the class that gives the most earning a pizza party.  

Many local churches and organizations are also doing their part to help the community.  The Our Lady of the Lake youth group is doing their part by buying and wrapping gifts for one family in need this year.  An Edinboro College Fraternity switches places as being mock homeless for a week to raise awareness for the homelessness epidemic and to raise money.

    If you aren’t involved in clubs or activities and aren’t active in a fundraiser there are still things you can do. Make a care kit for those begging on the streets.  It can be as simple as some non-perishable items, a thermal blanket, and some water. It may not seem like a lot but it is something. Better yet, spend one day of your Christmas break at a homeless shelter volunteering. Volunteering your time may not seem like much, and you may be busy, but you can change someone’s Christmas season! It is worth it!