Wonderful Winter


Ryan Kulka

Edinboro lake

Aaliyah Burgos, Reporter

   Do you like winter? Personally I think winter is such a beautiful season. One of my favorite things about winter is the snow. It’s so beautiful when there is so much snow, it covers the ground and the trees.

    The first snowfall of the season is something that never gets old. I could watch the first snowfall of the season every year and still get excited about it. It’s also great for skiing. The best type of snow for skiing is when it’s freshly fallen and creates a powdery blanket on the ground. It makes a very delicate surface for my skis to glide on.

    There are also so many other snow-related activities that are still enjoyable. You can build a snowman, have a snowball fight and go sled riding. These are great activities for spending a day with your family or friends. Besides all the activities, snow enhances emotion and personality. The bright and vibrant white color it has puts everyone in a nice mood.

    “I think it’s really pretty and if I was good at skiing and snowboarding, I’d enjoy it,” says sophomore Savannah Rauscher.

    Also, snow has that feeling that makes me want to sit by my Christmas tree, watch a Christmas movie, and sip on a cup of hot chocolate. In a similar manner, junior Maddy Staszewski says “something I enjoy about winter is that I get to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch Christmas movies because Christmas is something I also enjoy in the winter.”

   As soon as the first snow falls, I break out all of my winter outfits. I can wear sweaters and winter jackets without being too hot.

    Another thing I like a lot about winter are the 2-hour delays and the rare cancellation. No school  just makes drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies better because you know you don’t have anything to do. Winter is a wonderful season, and people should appreciate it more.