Its a Wonderful Time for a Classic

Helena Fahey, Reporter

The holiday season is always filled with Christmas movie classics, but why not take a break from “Rudolph” or “Elf” and mix it up as you settle in to watch an old-time Christmas classic this season.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is a 1946, black and white film, about a young man named George Bailey. The movie starts by letting us watch him progress from a cheerful, young boy, into man who has reached his breaking point. It is Christmas night and everything is going wrong for poor George Bailey. George finds himself standing at the edge of a bridge, with thoughts about ending it all, when a guardian angels shows up to save George from himself. The angel, named Clarence, then shows George how grim the small town would be if George was never born, and how important George’s life really is.

        The real question comes into play now. Why should someone pause the other modern Christmas classics, in favor of this one? An outdated black and white film that’s special effects are severely lacking?

To start, because it’s an enrapturing film with an original storyline, produced in a realistic manner to let the viewer relate to the characters. Secondly, it would be a nice break from all the overhyped drama in all the current Christmas classics. Between a crazy elf who makes everyone cringe from his lack of worldly knowledge, to a bitter man who tries to completely ruin Christmas, just because of his own rage from the holiday, it can all get to be too much. “A Wonderful Life” offers a more realistic tale that is relatable on a personal level. This warm-hearted film has endured for generations, sharing the true meaning of Christmas, as well as brings a new meaning and thought to struggle as well as mental health issues.

    The movie was produced by Frank Capra, and stars Pennsylvania native, James Maitland Stewart as George Bailey, and Donna Reed as George’s wife, Mary. This movie, while not talked about much in the modern day, has had a lasting effect and shows up in many noteworthy places. You can see small clips or posters of the movie in the following films: Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Bruce Almighty, Gremlins, and The Exorcist III.

    “A Wonderful Life,” while being an older, black and white film, is a beautiful tale that can live on for centuries, and it should, based on its realistic portrayal of life and its struggles.  It’s a must see over the holiday season.