The Yearly Pain of Resolutions

Helena Fahey, Reporter

    It is that time of year. The time of year where holiday spirits are high and everyone is aching for Christmas break to begin already. However, with Christmas come the New Year festivities, and with a new year, comes all the resolutions people make, that most times end up failing by the time March rolls around. Tips on how to follow through with these goals, some suggestions for resolutions, as well as maybe just a laugh at some of the resolutions the internet has to offer, are all desperately needed as that time approaches.

    Resolutions are hard to come up with because in what ways should one try to better himself, that aren’t highly overused or impossible to achieve? Here are just a few ideas one can use to get started on their New Year’s quest: read more, talk to more people, get better grades, stop turning in homework late, stop waiting on college applications, join a new club, train and win more games or competitions, or finally talk to that person you’ve had your eye on since freshman year. Maybe you could finally start learning that new instrument, or travel a bit more, seeing the world.

    The key to success with resolutions is goals and pacing. Set a daily, weekly, or maybe monthly goals for yourself. Decide a reward you can treat yourself to if you complete that goal. Buy your favorite snack food for yourself, go visit a friend, or maybe go visit one of your favorite places. You could treat yourself by buying something you’ve been wanting for awhile, or get that new game that came out a bit ago. Reward yourself for following through with your New Year’s resolution.

    If all else fails and your resolutions end up falling through, at least you can turn to the internet and see all they have to offer, humor wise. Here are some of the resolutions Twitter served up last year:

“My 2017 resolution is to work on my low self esteem, but I don’t think I can do it.” [email protected],

“My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is 240p. It’s gonna be a low quality year.” [email protected], “#MillenialNewYearResolutions Interact with a human in person” [email protected],

“My New Years Resolution is to regain my attention span.” [email protected],

“Already decided on a new years resolution which is to just Give Up. Very motivated, starting early.” [email protected]