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Grace Arthur, Reporter

Do you have the inability to complete homework till the very last minute? Is it extremely hard for you to wake up in the morning? Do you have a lack of motivation?  Do you have an inflated ego and sense of superiority this year? If you answered yes to any of the following questions, then then you may be dealing with a case of Senioritis.

“My Senioritis kicked in the day school started”, Ben Rea confirms. Regardless of when it began, bad habits always follow. “I tend to sleep a lot,” admits Jacob Wells. “I give the absolute minimum effort towards everything I do,” Anna Alberti confesses.

However like with every illness, there are ways of coping with it. “I have coped with senioritis by telling myself that I’ll probably miss this place just a little when I’m gone, so I should try to enjoy it while I can,” explains Jaymie Kavelish. “It’s hard, I try to distract myself but when I finally do I just think about it again,” said Wells.

Being excited and ready to graduate isn’t always a bad thing though. Senioritis can be influenced by your plans and expectations for the future. It can even help students realize that graduation isn’t as far away as it seems. “I plan to become a speech pathologist, which is 6 years of college, so the last few months of high school should feel like nothing,” explained Kavelish.

Many students suffer from senioritis, and although graduation is right around the corner, it may feel like an eternity away. Some individuals are able to avoid and ignore the pain and dread they experience each day as they walk through the entrance of school for the trillionth time, while others can’t even bare the thought of going to school for another day. According to Kavelish, as far as Senioritis goes, “the worst is yet to come.”