Erie Things


Sunset at Lake Erie. Photo credit: google images

Chris Nobles, Reporter

Besides the freezing temperatures and brief summers there are a few things that are special to Erie, Pa. So before you debate moving across the country think about these things you will be losing by leaving your hometown.

  Everyone that lives in Erie knows what a pepperoni ball is and have probably enjoyed several throughout their lifetime. That is one of many pleasures that can only be experienced in some places in the USA, such as, you guessed it Erie PA. For those who are missing out and don’t know what a pepperoni ball is just imagine dough wrapped around a group of pepperonis. You can also find pepperoni balls in Western Maryland, Appalachian Ohio, and West Virginia.

    Another thing that is special to the North Eastern region would be sponge candy. Sponge candy is a delicious sweet that can be found all around the Pennsylvania area but rarely in other places. Sponge candy is a toffee that is normally dipped into chocolate. It gets its name from the toffees sponge like texture. Sponge candy is another delicious thing that is special to our area that you may not have known about.
Pepperoni balls from the International Bakery in Erie.

   The Erie region is reknown for excellent fishing.  There are not too many places besides the Great Lakes that you can pull perch out of a lake like you can around the Erie area. Perch are a kind of fish that many anglers seek for their meat. You can catch perch practically year round whether you are on the pier or out on the ice in a hut. Perch are fun to catch and taste amazing once you cook them. Why leave the Erie area and lose the fun of catching an amazing dinner?

    Finally here in Erie we have ox roast, another food which you won’t find everywhere. Ox roast is a beef based roast that makes an amazing sandwich. If you love ox roast you should just stay right where you are because it’s a special dish to our region. If you Google an ox roast recipe it will even say Erie right next to the name of the dish.

   With all these amazing things why would you ever want to leave Erie PA? When you get down on our region, think about these amazing foods and great outdoor activities, whether it be in the snow or enjoying a nice day on the lake, and count your blessings.