Lancer Lacrosse

The Fairview Lacrosse Team celebrates their D10 Victory.

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The Fairview Lacrosse Team celebrates their D10 Victory.

Kendra Trezona, Reporter

Did you know that lacrosse is America’s fastest growing sport? Did you also know that General McLane girls have the option to play this fast pace and exciting sport? For three years General McLane has had a co-op agreement with Fairview High School so that students may play lacrosse. Even though the ability to play lacrosse has been offered over the years, the majority of students still don’t know that GM girls are able to play.

  Attack. Midfield. Defense. Goalie. These are the four main positions in lacrosse. What is lacrosse you may ask. The basics of the game is that every person has a stick with a net at the end of it. You use the net to carry the ball down the field and eventually try to score in the other teams goal. The field is divided into three sections. One with your goal, the midfield, and the side with the other teams goal. There are 11 players of the same team on the field at once plus a goalie. The set up at the beginning of the game is to have four offensive players, three midfielders, and four defenseman.

  Three General McLane students play with Fairview in the co-op; Seniors Sarah Converse and Mackenzie Goss who play defense and junior Kendra Trezona who plays goalie. Goss expressed her love for the game by saying, “It’s a great way to make new friends and it’s fun because you can either score and feel the thrill of that or play defense and feel the energy of not letting the opponent score.”

     It may seem weird that two schools could come together to play a sport, but Converse stated, “The whole team is super close. We are all one big family even though we don’t all go to the same school.”

  If you are interested in playing lacrosse this spring stop in the office to receive more information on how to sign up.