Exploring Your Past


Kendra Trezona, Reporter

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and find out more about your family tree? In May of 2012, people had finally gotten that chancewhen Ancestry.com began their DNA testing.

  With this DNA test, you can learn interesting parts of your family’s past like senior Megan Guthrie who recently took the test over break. “I found it interesting that I had a lot of Great Britain and Ireland in me, we were always told we were German,” stated Guthrie. Not only did Guthrie learn about her roots she also learned she had another member of her family saying, “My family and I found out that I have another aunt through this DNA which is pretty cool.”

  Another student that had learned more about herself is junior Lindsey Cain. “My whole family took the test. We found out that my mom was about 80% Great Britain and I was 0% Great Britain. But my brother had tons of Great Britain. I had gotten all the genes from my dad and my brother had gotten all the genes from my mom.” However, Cain was not as affected by her results as Guthrie was. “I’m one-percent Native American so I’m pretty sure I can put that on financial aid stuff and money from that. But no my results did not affect me.”

  Although, some people are convinced that this test is accurate, there are others that are not in favor of this test. As senior Olivia Shay forcefully stated, “It’s a scam! They have proven that they can not trace like anything from that test!”  Shay is basing this information off of an article in Science News. According to the article Ancestry.com has no way of tracing your ancestry back through the sample DNA the test requires. The article in Science News also points out that multiple different DNA test could have multiple different results. Which could explain Cain’s family members having such differing results.

  Even if the whole ancestry test is in fact a scam,  one thing is for certain, humans have the natural curiosity to find out answers and will do everything they can to allow us to have answers to the questions we have.