Are You Going To Wait?


Sydney Schuster’s ready to drive!

Peyton Scheuer , Reporter

Are you scared to get your license? Do you want to wait even more than the six months you already have to get it? Well you’re not alone. Out of the 47.3 million kids in the world, only 71.5 percent want to get their licenses as soon as they can. In 1996 the number of kids that wanted to get their license was 85.3 percent. Kids don’t want to get their license for many reasons however, but there is still a large group that can’t wait to get their license once they are 16 ½.

Junior Clara Enterline waited eight months to even get her permit. “I just wasn’t ready, and didn’t feel like I needed it because I had rides everywhere.”

Sophomore Savannah Yonkin hasn’t got her permit yet because she turns 16 in June. She stated she plans to get her permit at that time, but she is unsure of getting her license right away. “It would be in December and that’s a bad month to start driving alone.”
When you look at a parent’s perspective, a lot of times they think waiting is the best option. High school teacher, Mrs. Bentley has a 15 year old daughter who will soon get her permit and then license. Bentley wants her daughter to wait until she’s at least 17. “I want her to wait, but she’ll end up getting it when she’s 16 ½”.

The drivers ed teacher, Mr. Wells, prepares kids for driving and what the consequences could be. He used to take kids out on the road for actual driving lessons. He had to stop because too many kids signed up and he wasn’t able to keep up with the demand. Wells believes that kids aren’t getting their license right away because of financial issues. “When you have your permit you don’t have to pay for a car or insurance, but once you get your license you start paying.”
Fear and financial issues are the two biggest reasons kids are waiting to take the rite of passage to get a license. Others find they already have the ability to get around without one. Some adults attribute this to the changing teenage social scene. “Over the last 10 years, kids haven’t been motivated like they used to be. With social media, they don’t even have to leave their bed to socialize. They have Facetime and Snapchat and all that,” stated Julie Dunn-Alexander, the owner of Driver Ed Academy in West Chester Twp., Ohio.

Despite these factors, Juniors Grace Williams and Brady Shields were both ready to take on the roads right away. Neither of them even considered waiting. Shields feels kids were waiting to get their licenses because, “They aren’t good drivers,” While Williams stated she thinks, “They are scared.”

If you want wait, know you aren’t alone. There are plenty of options to think about. Take your time and get prepared. Businesses such as Transportation Solutions in Erie are a great way to help you prepare for driving alone. They take you around in one of their cars as you drive. They help you prepare for the drivers test and you can even take it with them.

“It’s very helpful. They taught me to parrall park and also had me practice highway driving. I got money off my insurance for taking the class. Plus, you just take the test there. That is really nice,’ stated senior Madison Lindsay.