Hanging with Hanley


Alyvia Carmosino , Reporter

Miss Hanley is one of four new staff members at General McLane High School for the 2018/2019 school year. If you’ve had Hanley for class, chances are you love her.  And she loves teaching at GM.

“I love how respected the health and physical education department is here at General McLane, that’s hard to find,” Hanley stated.

Hanley chose to teach at General McLane High School because she loved the experience she had while she student taught for Mrs Skeleton. Hanley says she wanted the job because she loves the kids here at GM. She also loves to be active so she loves that this job lets her do that. She says, “I get the best of both worlds with this job.”

She has enjoyed teaching here over the last year, despite how stressful and crazy it can be at times. “The good things outweigh the bad. I have 10 good days for every bad one,” she stated.  

Hanley says that her favorite part about this job so far is getting to know the students and getting the chance to share her passion. As for the hardest part, she commented, “Trying to get everyone interested while keeping class fun and educational is probably the hardest part.”

Hanley always thought she was going to teach elementary age students, but student teaching at our high school changed her mind. Hanley says she liked the environment that we have at GM that she didn’t experience at other schools.

Outside of school Hanley has fun and keeps busy in a variety of ways.  She like doing DIY projects, decorating, playing softball, and going on fun adventures with her 4 (almost 5)  year old son Mason, and her boyfriend Tyler.

Before coming to General McLane miss Hanley went High School in Saegertown.  She played varsity softball, basketball and volleyball all four years of her high school career. She graduated summa cum laude from Edinboro University with a Bachelors of Sciences and a concentration in Physical Education. She also graduated with Summacumlaude at Boro. Hanley is a 3rd generation health/ PE teacher.

Hanley gave some parting advice to students, stating, “Enjoy High School while you still can, and don’t wish away your youth. You never know what life will bring.”