Statewide School Safety Reporting System to be Rolled Out Soon


Makenzie Goss, Reporter

“Safe 2 Say Something,” a new program to keep kids safe in Pennsylvania schools, began statewide this past January. The program features an app and website that allows students to anonymously report violence, threats, or uncomfortable situations.  Plans are in the works to announce this program to our student body at GMHS and to train them on its use.

The program allows students, teachers and faculty to report tips and concerns they overhear in halls or see on social media without having to worry about their information being publicized.  This may make more students want to speak out and make this program more effective for schools.

Pa. Crisis Center analysts receive the tips are being trained to triage then by seriousness.  For each tip, they will: 1: Ensure there is enough information to act upon, 2: Conduct two-way anonymous dialogue with tipsters to gather missing information, 3: Categorize the tip into “life safety” or non-“life safety” for ease of prioritization by recipients and 4: Deliver the tip to the impacted school and, where needed, its local law enforcement.
    According to Bucks local news, Safe 2 Say already includes 3,774 public and private schools across the Commonwealth in its network. In the program’s initial week, the reporting system received 615 tips and calls from across Pa. Crisis center analysts have processed every tip and referred more than several hundred to local law enforcement and school officials to follow up and interact with students.

The program was created in Colorado in 1999 after the Columbine High shooting. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill shortly after it passed the House and Senate overwhelmingly as part of a broader budget package. Sandy Hook Promise is working to train 3.5 million students and teachers in 50 states in best practices to detect and report signs of potential violence.  GMHS administration is hopeful that they will be able to come here to train our students.

Until the program is officially rolled out at GMHS, students and school officials can go to to learn more about this new school safety initiative. They can also call 1-844-Saf2Say (844-723-2729) to report information.


“We overhear things in the hallways, teachers, and students report information” stated associate principal Mrs. Mackowski.


“It’s a website and it’s open to the public” stated Mackowski.


Safe2Say Something App

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