GM Travels Abroad


GM students hike to the base of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

Macy Enterline, Reporter

With the winter weather, cold temperatures, and gloomy skies many students are dreaming of a warm getaway or a vacation to a faraway place.  Lucky for them, the foreign language department offers several different opportunities to see the world. Most recently, During the summer of 2018 about 30 students and staff traveled to Costa Rica for the adventure of a lifetime.

While in Costa Rica, the group participated in many cultural activities that exposed them to the history and pura vida lifestyle of the country.  On the first day, they went to a coffee plantation to learn about the country’s most impotant crop, coffee. Of course they got to sample coffee and other local fair, such as pineapple, chocolate, empanadas, and a lot of rice and beans.  To strengthen their language skills, they got to visit an elementary school and participate in a science fair. They also learned the history of the ox cart, a national symbol of the country, and took part in a night full of Costa Rican traditional dance.  “It was better than prom, homecoming, and the glow dance combined because it was stress free and the best time of the life,” stated senior Rachel Steiner.

Aside from these activities, the students swam in a waterfall, relaxed in natural hot springs, went white water rafting, took a night time scary creature hike, kayaked near a volcano, saw monkeys, sloths, and toucans, and went on a crocodile tour.  They also got to go zip lining through a rainforest which was junior, Carter Willis’s favorite thing to do. “It looked scary at first but once I did it it was really fun,” stated Willis.

When they had a break from all of these activities students enjoyed shoppping at local markets, eating  ice cream and playing with stray street dogs. Junior, Ali Lamoreaux choose one of the more relaxing activities as her favorite.  “[I liked] going to the beach and having a beach day,” she commented.

Spanish teacher Mrs. Green attendend and organized the trip. She chose to take the trip to Costa Rica because it was less expensive than anywhere else. She was glad that she chose Costa Rica as the destination because it was a place that she has always wanted to visit. “It was so much fun!” stated Mrs. Green.

    The Costa Rica trip lasted ten days from June 23 to July 3. The trip wasn’t free, it was $2,400 for a student. But with the price, it would not be possible to do all of thing that were included if you were to go to Costa Rica by yourself. Green plans to return to Costa Rica with a group in 2021.

Students also had the oppotunity to travel with Mrs. Hakenen. In 2016 students got the chance to go to Begine, Xian and Chang High with Mrs. Hakenen.

In the meantime, the next foreign language trip is to France and Spain under the direction of Ms. Fritchman.  It will be in the summer of 2020 and it will cost $4,300 and will also be full of sight seeing and cultural opportunities.  If you have the travel bug, see Fritchman in room 303 for more details.