Student Patriotic Knowledge Put to the Test


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Constitution of America, We the People.

Khadija Mganga, Reporter

Are you a true citizen? GMHS Civics and Economics students are testing their patriotic knowledge to find out if they have what it takes to pass the U.S. Citizenship Test in class.

      Administering the U.S. Citizenship Test is a new initiative that the history teachers have adopted this year.  “The citizenship test is a test every citizen that is coming into America has to pass,” stated history teacher Max Knight.  

Student are being given the test because the history teachers felt strongly that as natural born citizens, the students should have the knowledge to be able to pass the test.  “It’s based off of what they should know as citizens of America. [It] is all just general knowledge,” Knight stated.

The content of the test is reiterated throughout Civics and Economics class.  The test itself consists of 100 questions. Just like immigrants taking the test, students are expected to pass it with a 70 percent or above. “An example of a citizenship question is, ‘What is the supreme law of the land?’ As a citizen you should know it’s the Constitution,” stated Knight.

The citizenship test being given here hits a personal note with me.  My parents weren’t legally born in the U.S., so they stay here with a green card for their proof of residency. Green cards only last for 16 years.  After or during those 16 years, they could take the citizenship test to become a U.S. citizen. My parents took the citizenship two years ago, but because of their language barrier, only my dad passed.  My dad knew a little more English so he understood some of the questions they were asking. He studied day and night so he could pass the test to become a citizen of the United States of America. In order for me to be a citizen my mom has to be one before I turn 18.   Because she did not pass the test, I will need to pass the test myself to become a U.S. citizen or renew my green card when it expires. For me, passing the test means getting to stay in the country I have grown up in and love.