Stages of a High School Relationship


Mackenzie Goss

A couple holds hands walking down the hall.

Madison McLaughlin, Reporter

  Having trouble in your relationship? Just getting into something new? Relationships can be hard, every teen knows that. So what are the real steps in a relationship? Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on the topic, but below is one example of the 10 steps of a typical high school relationship.

Step One: Stalk Their Instagram

  This typically happens after there is some face-to-face interaction, and includes checking their bio to see if the person you are interested in is single. Stalking their Instagram is the quickest way to find out who they are or at least who they portray themselves to be on social media.  It’s also a great way to find out who they hang out with. “You have to make sure that there are no other girls commenting on their pictures,” stated senior Mackenzie Goss.

Step Two: Slide Into Their DMs

  Social media has become a huge part in teenagers’ lives. It has become a way of access for communication. Following a person you find attractive on social media then progressing into a private conversation via direct messaging has become a typical way to start a relationship. Junior Brady Andryc claims that girlfriend Devyn Bayle “hit me up on Snapchat.”  While Bayle remembers things evolving more naturally without the use of DMs.

Step Three: Walk Them to their Classes

  When you are into someone you find excuses to be around them.  If you have classes by each other, it is typical to meet your crush and walk with them to their classes or even to their bus.  Freshman Emma Cannata can agree with this. Her and her boyfriend, freshman Brandon Dedrick, don’t have any classes together so walking each other to their classes is important to her.  Any time you can spend with your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend during the day is vital for building your relationship.

Step Four: Group Dates

   Group dates are a great way to get to know your significant other. One on one dates can be stressful for a new couple, so group dates provide a more relaxed atmosphere.  They also allow the person you are dating to get to know your friends better.

Step Five: Put Your Status on Instagram

 Both you and your crush have decided to be official on Social Media. Be sure your crush agrees with your choice before you lock up your status.  This can be done via a bio update, emoji, or post. “Once we started dating I posted a picture of her like two days after,” stated sophomore Shealyn Nobles on her relationship with freshman Lyric Shaw.

Step Six: Go on a Date Solo

Going on group dates are fun, but solo dates are also a necessity. Solo dates can help you figure out things you have in common, and gives you a different eniviroment to talk in other than the school. Solo dates help your relationship grow stronger because you get more comfortable with that person. Group dates are good to get a feel of the person at first, but going only on group dates means you aren’t willing to spend time alone with that person and that leads to there not being a relationship at all. “I think that solo dates help to strengthen your relationship because they let you get to know your significant better on a personal level.”

Step Seven: Meeting the Parents

   Meeting the parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend is an incredibly important step. If you grew up with your significant other or started out as friends, chances are you may already know the parents.  If not, going to dinner at a nice restaurant or having a home cooked meal are more traditional ways of meeting the family. However, this isn’t always the case these days. It is much more common for a relaxed introduction.  One perk to meeting the parents is that it may open to door to be able to hang out at each others’ houses.

Step Eight: Going on Bigger Dates

  Both hanging out and more formal dates happen at this stage in the relationship.  This is the stage of the relationship where you go on one- on-one dates. Junior Billy Jukes and his girlfriend Sara Nagy typically go on dates to movies and restaurants.  

Step Nine: Going to School Dances Together

  School dances are a great way to show you are in a relationship and have a lot of fun.  Sophomore Aralyn Lewin has attended school dances with her boyfriend of 2 years, Derrick Rohrer. “It gave us a chance to get our first official photos together and to spend more one-on-one time together in public.”

Step Ten: Stick it Out or Break Up

  There are going to be conflicts in every relationship whether in high school or beyond.  Whether you break up or not depends on how your relationship has developed and if there were trust issues. Juniors Lindsey Cain and Seth Yarger, who have been together for a year and ten months, have naturally had their share of fights.  “When we fight we apologize and come to terms that it is not worth fighting over. I feel like by making it through enough fights, you know you can make it through anything.”

If things don’t work out between you and your boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s not the end of the world.  We are only in high school after all! Time heals all wounds, but ice cream can help too! Light hearted Disney movies, a tub of ice cream,  or popcorn can be enough to distract you. If not, get together with your friends and do something fun. Or just go back to step one..